Technical information

Building area:
One floor building area – 28 m2 (minimum area);
Two floors building area – 44 m2(minimum area);
House area of two connected segments with a sauna – 84m2;
The largest sauna’s model (with separate rest room) – 36 m2.

Additional outdoor terrace area:
The first floor entrance terrace – 10 m2 (120*640 / 60*350);
Outdoor side terrace – 12 m2 (240*460 );
Second-floor balcony terrace – 9 m2 (270*360).        
Additional terrace size are coordinated individually according to need and place.      

Spacious metal carcass ensures that the building is resilient and can be transported in a pre-prepared platform. Its columns with foundation bases provide support for the house. It is possible to construct a building in mountainous area, where one side of the house may be

Exterior walls:
Exterior decoration: moisture-resistant OSB 18 mm panels, when the wall heating is used stone wadding; wind insulation membrane; stone wadding 150mm (in two directions, 75 mm each); or new generation “Gamo” thermal foam sprayed insulation layer.

Exterior decoration:
Facade decorative wooden structure plates are combined with grey stone tiling; decorated tin facade are combined with natural wood panel or decorative facade “Cedral“.

OSB 18 mm; air grade layer; steam insulation membrane; stone wadding 2×75 mm (150 mm) or “Gamo” thermal foam; wedge-shaped
rafters; wind insulation membrane; OSB 18 mm; sub-layer – fiberglass roll-type material filled with petroleum tar; surface cover – roll-type
material for plain roof covering.

18 mm OSB; welded, galvanized rabbit mesh; diffusion membrane (moisture is released outwardly and does not seep in); stone wadding
2×75 mm (150 mm) or “Gamo” thermal foam; OSB 18-22 mm (depending on the floor covering).

Wooden, aluminum or PVC – all windows are double glazed with a solar and heat protective covering and have high-quality fittings.
Additional security fittings are available for all windows. Both sliding windows and conventional windows are available. RIA Flexible

Wires, boxes, distributors and outlets built into the panel construction, walls and ceilings. A selection of switches, sockets and light fixtures is available.

A metal frame that is connected to the building’s metal carcass, calibrated beams, impregnated terrace boards.

In basic version are already installed electric radiators with thermo regulators for heating. There are other options: Ion electric heating; air heat pump – heating and cooling, fast installation; infrared economical method of heating – electric; stove – fireplace; the possibility of solar and other alternative heating methods, which are combined in advance.

Engineering communications:
Drainage and an isolated, heated water pipe are built into the walls and floor. Inlets and outlets to the toilet bowl or bio-toilet, shower, sink, as well as kitchen fittings; conclusion of external networks.  

Simplified foundation option:
For foundation installation are offered several options, taking into account local area characteristics. Normally used – drilled pillar columns; at the foot of the entire house perimeter – plain foundation; thicken soil with belt monolithic blocks.

Ventilation – recuperation, conditioning, security and fire alarm, mini-smart home with a remote control function, biotoilets selection, solar panels, mini – wind power station, plumbing devices (sink, shower cab, faucet, set of furniture); mini-kitchen with equipment set, cabinets, bathroom’s plumbing devices installation with specially manufactured furniture. Outdoor protective shutters and blinds (for protection – lowered; sliding outdoor blinds – screens).