Advantages of mobile modular houses

Modern design and rational planning

Mobile modular housesRIA Flexible architecture simple, modern, functional. Exterior wood decoration gives coziness for house facade and large windows give the sense of space and the opportunity to admire the surrounding scenery. For those who like to spend more time in nature are designed outdoor terraces with openwork partitions, providing privacy and protecting against the direct sunlight and rain. In the summer time from the sun, and at another time of year from the curious glances protects shutters on the windows. For those who like to relax in baths are offered a variety of baths.
RIA Flexible home  consists of a main base module,  which  connects  additional segments according to customer’s needs. The smallest mobile home`s  total area is 28.10 m2. This house module consists of bathroom and a living room combined with kitchen.
One or two-story house can be made by connecting few modular segments and made up to 84 m2 of total area. It is possibility to  prepare a separate project according to customer  wishes.

Easily transported and quickly collected in  the construction site

Mobile modular housesOne of the main house RIA Flexible advantage – mobility. Mobility is ensured by a strong building construction and external dimensions. All you need is the base preparation to start building a house. We offer our assistance  in base preparation, suitable for a particular plot. House assembling takes place from one day to two weeks in the construction site, depending on the site, external electrical and other desirable  engineering systems.

Fully equipped – with internal and external decoration

Mobile modules are produced in the factory premises. Modules come already with exterior and interior decoration, wiring, and internal engineering equipment. The client chooses equipment and surface finish to suit his needs. Modular segments are connected to each other in the construction site.

High quality and a warm house

Mobile modular housesRIA Flexible house is adapted for living  in the hot summer and severe winter conditions. House construction assembled in factory premises guarantees the quality and durability. Thus avoiding the defects that can appear at the house construction  under field conditions. Furthermore, metal frame construction ensures durability, stability, transportation possibilities and relocation. House construction junction and use of thermal insulation materials ensures thermal efficiency of  the house. Our proposed equipment ensures the thermal efficiency.

The possibility to design an individual house, in accordance with  customer needs

RIA Flexible house can easily be adapted to various customer needs. Selecting the appropriate internal equipment, it may be a weekend recreation for family, a young person’s dwelling house, a mobile office or cafe. The projects are designed for different sizes of the living space and different configuration of  houses. Taking into account the needs of our customers, we offer several options for mobile sauna, as an innovation.

Easy and quick purchase process

To buy RIA Flexible house is easy – you just need to choose a favorite model, its decor, relevant facilities and contact us. After examination of the construction site features – topography, connection of engineering communications,  possibilities for basement equipment and transportation to the place, we start production.

Other advantages of “Modulhusr Flexible” houses:

•  Short production period; 
•  Short assembly time in the construction site; 
•  Easy installation;  
•  Easily transformed into a bigger house; 
•  High quality and a warm house;
•  Rational planning; 
•  You can choose one of three external finishing options; 
•  Unnecessary deep foundation; 
•  One-storey house basic model area is from 28 m2; 
•  Two-storey house basic model area is from 44 m2; 
•  In factory installed internal engineering equipment; 
•  The possibility to design an individual house, in accordance with  customer needs.

Mobile modular houses Mobile modular houses Mobile modular houses